Written by Life Coach Geraldine Dorema; Collection Of Her Thoughts helps you on your purposeful journey of facing your fears and overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way of finding yourself and your purpose. 

“Collection Of Her Thoughts is amazing, it has opened my mid up for self healing, self discovery and self love. This bool will take you on a journey that you did not know you needed. It will open you eyes, thoughts and inner self. I cannot wait til the next one to take me farther along in my journey. Get with your girlfriends to start reading, start healing, and learn to love yourself again.” – Shelly D

“I picked up this book during a rough patch and it comforted me in a special way. It reminded me that my everyday fear or obstacles only hinder me if I allow them to. Highly recommended!” -Samantha L


“Couldn’t seem to put the book down.” -Sabrina M


“So inspirational” -Jennifer H


  • Learn to conquer your fears
  • Break the cycle of dysfunction in your life
  • Love yourself more
  • Live your life purposefully


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