Real Talks With G is a blog geared to push and inspire the everyday young black woman to get out of her comfort zone. Geraldine became a Life Coach focusing on purpose; through her coaching, her goal is to help you love yourself, find your purpose, success, and happiness; by pinpointing the obstacles that make you feel stuck. Sometime you just need someone to listen and help sort out your thoughts. She helps you spark a change in your life by taking action in the areas you want to change and finding clarity when you feel lost. Challenging you and helping you refocus so that you can discover the real you and your passions. She is your consultant, motivator, strategist, and accountability partner.

Having gone through my share of trials and tribulations like a majority of you out there; Geraldine has overcome countless obstacles. She promised herself that she will use my experiences to uplift, inspire, help, and make as many souls happy as I can. 


Through our sessions you will be able to:


Find Yourself, Love Yourself, & Accept Yourself


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