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5 Ways To Make Time for ‘Me Time’

Making time for what’s important is all about making time for it. Figuring out what is really more important, what helps keep your sanity, and what will benefit you and your family. This month is our own Self Care month and me time is at the top of that list. If your mother then you need that “me time” probably more than anyone (not discounting others). But as moms our lives are consumed by being great moms and balancing everything in our lives. You probably found a great balance for your day to day life, you probably have been doing good with this balance and have no complaints right?? Well let me ask you this, does this balance and routine that you’ve establish have anytime for you? I don’t mean hiding in the bathroom for 30 minutes to an hour. I mean real you time, you don’t have to have the mommy guilt because you want to have time for yourself away from your kids or spouse. Well I am here to provide you with a few helpful tips on time management, and working some of that me time into your daily schedule; even if its just once a week.



It can be hard t plan things out but just start by writing all of your daily responsibilities down; this includes all the activities for the kids. Try to write it all out for as many weeks out as you can but its fine of you just do it weekly. you can use a planner or calendar to achieve this.


Now its time to prioritize them. Yes I said prioritize, not everything has to be done now. Just prioritize as well as you can we are not eliminating anything you have going on we are just simply arranging them according their importance.

Develop A Routine

Once you’ve planned out your week and prioritized, add a few of your favorite me time activities. If you don’t have any carve out some time to discover a few new things. Plan a night out with your girls, add in a 20-30 minutes of meditation on a day or two, plan a day to stay off of your social media accounts, exercise for 30 minutes, take some time for journaling. The list is endless.

Stop Procrastinating

You have to stop procrastinating. STOP.  Trust me, once you get this routine going then you will feel so much better. But you can’t keep putting you on hold. When you begin to discover more about yourself and getting that “me time” you will find that you will feel happier, be more energetic, and truthfully a better mom!


Focus, focus, focus. You must focus on your routine once you’ve established it. Remember it is not set in stone so you can rearrange it to make it work but you cannot take out any of your me time activities. The whole point is to incorporate time for you into your schedule.


Now that you have these tips, get to work! I want to hear all about your time management. Remember, you are important. A happy you means a happy life, happy children, happy spouse and happy loved ones. It may not be easy but trust me every day will get better and you will notice the change right away. Its not too late to join our Self Care journey, subscribe to our newsletter keep up!




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  1. Love this! Yes planning is super important. I’ve now started to schedule things on my phone’s calendar (like my bi-weekly bubbly baths or reading time) to hold myself accountable on giving me that time I deserve!

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