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Overwhelmed? Put YOU First

The pressure is on. Its the new year and you’ve been hard at work putting all your plans into motion. But here is a little advice….” you can do anything, but not everything.” I say this because we tend to overwhelm ourselves by attempting to do everything all at once. I’m so guilty of this as I have been trying to do everything under the sun to check things off my lists; all at once. … Read More Overwhelmed? Put YOU First

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New Year, New You?

Its that time again….the time for the “New Year, New Me” posts. Can I insert an eye roll here?! We are all tired of these infamous posts of everyone talking about the new year and claiming to be a changed person over night, but we all know it only last maybe 2-3 months tops! Unfortunately, … Read More New Year, New You?

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How I Deep Condition During Fall/Winter Months

Its Fall! I love this time of year, despite it never getting too cold down here in Florida, I love to whip out my cute jackets and booties. With minimal humidity it the best time to wear my natural hair out. But one thing about the weather changing so drastically ┬áis the effects it has on our hair. Now, I love the weather because it isn’t as humid but the cold does dry out our hair. … Read More How I Deep Condition During Fall/Winter Months