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I Did This To Grow My Hair Back After Giving Birth

If you suffered from postpartum shedding like I did then you feel my pain. During my pregnancy I kept my hair in protective styles mainly because I was just too tired to do my hair regularly. While in protective styles I kept my scalp oiled (everyday) with a mixture I put together which included; Haitian castor oil, coconut oil, and a little bit of almond oil. Doing this helped keep my scalp moisturized and grew my hair so much.

3 months postpartum

Literally, a few weeks after taking this picture my hair started shedding. The worst part of it all? My edges. I have never experience hair shedding like this, I’ve heard of postpartum hair loss but I didn’t experience when I had my son 13 years ago. With my edges thinning it started to mess with my self esteem. I’m not the type to throw a wig on and keep it moving along. So I had to just suck it up and nurse my edges back to health. I started back with my protective styles and kept oiling my hair everyday.

My edges have come along way with using my oils and another product I decided to try. Its by Edge Naturale and its their Follicle Enhancer for natural edges. When they reached out to me to try this product I was a bit apprehensive but I loved that it was all natural. I wanted to use this product to give my honest opinion so I did. Its peppermint smell and creamy texture is great and so lightweight. Now if you follow me then you know I am always real with you. Visit their website and try it out!

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