Motivation on an Off Day

Following my post on img_8590fear I planned on writing about motivation; something needed every now and then. But this past week has been a little off for me; I found myself needing motivation to make it through my days. Recently I’ve been waking up feeling off and my days have been feeling longer than usual. I haven’t been in the mood to do much of anything including going to the gym and even writing. I didn’t want to write about motivation when I wasn’t feeling too motivated myself. But I realized this is the perfect time to talk about motivation. I tend to feel this way when when I am overwhelmed, I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to accomplish things that it sometime starts to stress me even when I don’t feel stressed. But I try to constantly remind myself that I am an inspiration to someone, somewhere (My moto).

So I ask, what motivates you on an off day? If your a parent I’m sure your first answer will be your kids. Sounds about right, my son is my motivation on my off day. I keep pushing because of him; I wake every morning for him and think of him before making any decisions in life. But he is not my only motivation, and your kids cannot be your only motivation. Knowing that I have a purpose and that God has so much in store for me. I can’t settle for anything less than greatness for myself. I can’t let God down. You have to find something besides your children that will keep you pushing everyday. But staying motivated is the ultimate challenge. Smiling through it all and, pushing through.

On an off day I continue to stay inspired in various ways. This may sound corny but I think positive thoughts. Speaking things into existence; I wasn’t always like this but I try my hardest to stay consistent. Working out also helps, ┬áit assists in clearing my mind and working all that negative energy out. So after this off week I went back to the gym to work that negativity out. Praying and inspiring no matter what on a daily basis. Motivate yourself on any day!

Please let me know if this post or any post has helped you!

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