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Overwhelmed? Put YOU First

The pressure is on. Its the new year and you’ve been hard at work putting all your plans into motion. But here is a little advice….” you can do anything, but not everything.” I say this because we tend to overwhelm ourselves by attempting to do everything all at once. I’m so guilty of this as I have been trying to do everything under the sun to check things off my lists; all at once. Feeling overwhelmed can be one of the the worst feelings, it causes so much anxiety, and clutters your thoughts causing creative juices to run dry. It takes a tole on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. But if you’re not okay then how will everyone and everything around you be okay? You have to learn to put you first.

If you’re anything like me, then you tend to put an enormous amount of pressure on yourself to be a better you as well as being everything for everyone else because you’re selfless. As the strong women that we are, we just don’t know how to sit our asses down sometime. Do you recall being on a plane and prior to your flight taking off, that safety video is shown? In the video it tells us in case of an emergency we must apply OUR oxygen masks before anyone else’s (our children included). Now, I never understood that and frankly I didn’t agree, until many years ago that is. There was a time when my son was very young, I was superwoman and single mothering,crushing school along with working full time and caring for a hyperactive 2 year old. Pushing myself to the limit I ended up stretching myself too thin. Upon paying a visit to my doctor who re -iterated this information and suggested that i get some rest, even prescribed me a few sleeping pills (which I never took). But during this appointment she made some valid points, she told me I have to take care of myself first. I can’t put too much on myself and stress myself out, of course I thought she was crazy! I mean, she didn’t know how my life was on a day to day basis; having a child to provide for. I cannot stop what I’m doing, then she hit me with, “if you don’t take care of you then who will take care of your son?” Those words stuck with me, she had a point.

Stressing yourself out and overwhelming yourself with too much will not help you at all. So I say this, when feeling overwhelmed stop and breathe. Take a break from whatever it is that you’re doing and find an outlet. Get some fresh air, listen to music, read a book, or write. When overwhelmed, take care of time sensitive things first. Establishing a simple daily routine and incorporate a scheduled time to work on certain things. Decide what really matter at that time. Its okay to be selfish at times, you have to be. Doesn’t mean your a bad person, you just have to take care of you first! Self care is very important, selfless or “less for self”: benefits no one in the long run. Yeah our children come first before anything but lets be real, you technically have to come first otherwise who will be there?

Take control! Do not let what’s stressing you take over. Spend more time loving on your child(ren) and being there for everything small and big. Enjoy this things called life rather than allowing it to get the best of you.

5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed? Put YOU First

  1. As someone who struggles with anxiety , I loved this post . I actually have a similar one on my blog. I am also a mom so I completely agree with thinking people are crazy for saying stop & take care of yourself because it’s tough when you’re always on “Go”

  2. GD,
    Love this post! Self care is not only important, but crucial in order to make progress in life. Unfortunately, this is the first thing we sacrifice, when we’re over our heads helping others to tackle their own struggles.

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