• My Postpartum Journey

    My Postpartum Journey

    My daughter is 6 months now so I think its about time I share my postpartum journey with you (because we family at this point). Well if you don’t know she is my second baby and she comes 12 years after having my first (YES 12 YEARS). Just imagine, my body is 12 years older so this pregnancy put a hurting on my body. After gaining just 5 pounds through the whole pregnancy and 9 ½ hours of labor I gave birth to the most precious gift. This time around was so special to me because I was so young when I had my son; so me being older I…

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    What About Confidence?

    Ever gone through such a transition in your life that you don’t feel like yourself anymore? Lets be honest…you can’t even figure out how to get back to YOU. You don’t even know YOU anymore. You feel like you’re in limbo. You once had it all figured out then BAM something happens. While you’re trying to regain balance from that something  then POW something else happens. These steady hits just keep coming. Now you’re probably on the ground afraid to get up because you feel like you’ll get hit again with something else. Life has its way of keeping you down, even when you’ve reached your victory, you don’t stand…

  • Rediscovering You

    Rediscovering You: Managing Work-Life Balance

    Working as a Life Coach isn’t always as easy as one may think. I mean your technically coaching someone through life. The ups and the downs. One misconception that many have is that a Life Coach is a therapist. No we are not. We are not licensed. But our job is just as important. I am there to help you through what it is that you’re struggling with. Helping you accomplish goals and holding you accountable. We focus on rediscovering you, the real you. Its so easy to lose yourself while trying work-life balance.The you that you have buried underneath everything that life has piled on top of it. Why…

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