6 Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Blogging

It’s my blogiversary! I have reached the 6 month mark and its hard to believe its only been 6 months because it honestly feels like I’ve been doing it for much longer. It has truly been a blessing and a great journey, just knowing that this is just the beginning is such a great feeling. Although I have much more growing to do, I have grown so much since starting out 6 months ago. I am so proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking that leap of faith . But along this road I have learned 6 deep lessons that I wanted to share with you all.

1. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. This is the major lesson, staying true to yourself is hard for some but easy to those who stay humble and grateful. You can’t allow what people think of you affect you. Being genuine is the easiest task one can do and people can tell when you aren’t being your true self. I try to stay as true to myself as possible and I remain humble and thankful for every blessing I receive no matter how big or small. Creating meaningful content.

2. NOT EVERYONE WILL SUPPORT. Starting a business or embarking on an endeavor isn’t always about who you know, its about who will actually support, and the sad truth that I have noticed since starting my blog is that MOST of the support I receive is from people I don’t know or never met. Why is that? I have no idea honestly. Many business owners or fellow bloggers have confirmed the same, agreeing that they don’t receive as much “local love” as they expected. I am all about supporting those around me and you should do the same.

3. THIS IS ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE. Blogging is not just a hobby, its hard work. it takes a lot to decide to put yourself out there and continuously share your craft with your audience.

4. I’M NOT PERFECT BUT I HUSTLE AD KEEP PUSHING. Like I stated in #3, this is hard work. Going into business for yourself and/building your brand is hard work. I must admit that I did not know going in this that it would be this much work. But I love every minute if it. The feeling of hustling for your passion is like no other.

5. NOT EVERYONE WILL GET IT. Everyone usually says: What is a blogger? Is that real? That sound easy as hell! But they don’t get the planning, creating, hard work, networking, late nights, and early mornings that goes into it. Blogging isn’t just writing anything, its about putting something meaningful out.

6. THE DREAM IS BIGGER THAN EVER! I was so lost before I started blogging. I mean my passion was there but I didn’t know the steps to take to use it. With every dream you have to start somewhere and doors will continue to open up on the way. I’ve always enjoyed writing and helping people but never knew where to start and what was even possible for me, but blogging is killing two birds with one stone! Now my dream is endless because so many avenues gave opened up for me.


I am all about pushing those around me to follow the dreams and passions. Right now is the time to take that leap of faith, and start that business, become that entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be. I am no where near reaching the ending point of my dreams but I am checking off my goals everyday and getting so much closer to fulfilling it. My heart is so full of happiness to

make it to the 6 month mark and watching my growth and reaching people through my words. Next stop….1 YEAR!!


  • Christine

    Congratulations! I’m getting to the six month mark myself and I’m finding everything you said to be true. Here’s to continuing step out of our comfort zone towards new blessings and opportunities


  • Jasmin

    Congrats to your 6-month milestone. I hope to get there as well!! Blogging is hard and people don’t understand how much you’re putting yourself out there.

  • Lily Thomas

    Congrats GD! Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is the hardest step to take when embarking on any journey, but once you get the momentum going, stopping won’t be an option, and that’s when you’ll find yourself on track & more productive! The possibilities become endless…

    Lily Thomas

  • Naa-Shorme

    Congrats on your blogaversary! I’m approaching 6 months and I feel all of what was mentioned. Always open to all tips you might have and I look forward to continuing to support your blog! <3

  • Randie

    I had similar feelings for my six month anniversary last year. It’s amazing that, across the board, many of us experience or come to realize the same thing. Congrats on your bday and thanks for this post 🙂

  • Vany|misscoilyhair

    Yes girl, the people closest to you don’t support. I learned that a long time ago and learned to deal with it. At the end of the day, if you do remain true to yourself, you will built a good following of strangers who will eventually become friends! Congrats to making it to 6 months. I’m close to 1 year 🙂

  • Teri

    Happy 6 month anniversary. I agree on every single point – especially that it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It takes so much from me creatively and emotionally that I often drain and have to take breaks from it. Still, I love it! Thanks for your post. Great reminders and revelations.

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