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My CURLS Hair Experience

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve noticed the awesome package that I received from Frizz Free Curls. I was blessed enough to receive 4 full sized curly hair products to try:

  • BLUEBERRY BLISS Curl Control Jelly
  • BLUEBERRY BLISS Reparative Leave-in Conditioner
  • Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream
  • Lavish Curls Moisturizer


First of all, can we talk about how amazing they smell; the blueberry line smells awesome, the smell of real blueberries and the creme brule smells like just that! okay, on to it…

I have attempted a wash and go countless times and let me just say that it has always an epic fail, there were times when I was close to achieving something great but it just wasn’t quite right. Unfortunately, it would be a while before I would even attempt it again. I decided to purchase the diffuser attachment for my blow dryer but let it sit there for months because I was honestly afraid to attempt the was and go again. That is until I received these products from Curls. I decided to take the time one day to really devote to producing a successful wash and go. I began by washing my hair with my normal shampoo, I then deep conditioned of course. Once I rinsed it out I sectioned my hair into four sections, applied the Blueberry Bliss leave in conditioner and detangling each section as I went. I then applied a small amount of the whipped curl cream to each section. Once I was done with that I applied the curl control jelly and a small amount of the eco styler gel using the shingle method. I wanted to ensure that my hair had a decent amount of product and shingling ensured that and also assists in minimal frizz (so I heard).

I have a major frizz issues with my hair, I could style my hair any way and walk out the door and literally minutes later my hair begins to frizz. This caused me to fear the wash and go. Anyway, once I was finished repeating this whole process throughout my whole head I began to diffuse my hair by sections. I didn’t move my hair too much at first because I was really being cautious to not risk it frizzing, then I focused on making sure it was all dry. When it was about 95% dry I stopped and used my pick to add volume. My wash and go actually lasted a whole week for that weekend I wore it in a high bun. After about day 2 I brought my curls back to life by using the lavish curls moisturizer which kept them fresh and shiny. I was so shocked that it lasted me so long so my I recommend frizz free curls as part of your natural hair regimen.

I must say I was so happy with my results. My hair was shiny, bouncy, and not hard at all. I had accomplished my first successful wash and go thank to Curls. I was a fan of this product line for a few years now so I was familiar with them already but this sealed the deal for me. I absolutely LOVE this line. Their products are full of moisture and and the organic extracts aid in strengthening, protecting, and repairing your curls.

Frizz free curls can also be found at your local Target and CVS stores!




  • Lily Thomas

    I have been thinking about going natural for awhile now, health reasons, among other things! Will keep this product line in mind for when I do decide to do it.

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