How to Live Purposefully

To live purposefully is one of the most freeing feelings. Walking the path that God has created you for and to impact those around you. Finding your life’s purpose is forgetting about the things that aren’t important and living with intention. You don’t have to have everything figured out right away but you work hard everyday to set those actionable goals towards figuring it all out. 

The dictionary tells us that purpose is the reason something exists, purpose creates meaning. Purpose is deep but don’t stress yourself complicating it more than it is. Finding it can be difficult, its not as easy as it was when we were kids. As you get older the simple things in life can get in the way and dim the light on our purpose. 

I’ve given you many ways to help you find your purpose (download my free eBook here). But I wanted to give you some tips on how to LIVE Purposefully. 

You Are Self-Accountable

In life we have choices on the decisions we make and the direction we choose, being accountable for YOUR decisions is huge. You don’t waste time blaming others for the outcomes of your decisions (unless they held a gun to your head).

You Don’t Do It For The Money

Living with intention means you don’t do it for the money. You are living your passion and make a difference somehow so the money is not as important.

Those Around You Are Purpose Driven

When you are embarking on your purposeful journey you choose your circle wisely. You have to pay attention to those around you, you are the company you keep. 

Focus On What’s Important

You don’t have time to focus on the matters that aren’t important. Whether it be helping people or rescuing animals. No matter what it is, you know your worth and your place in the world. 

You have a “Why”

You are on a mission to figure out the things that are wrong in this world and how you can change it. That’s your why. You’re why is to bring meaning into the world, into your life. Knowing your why helps motivate you. Your why could be to help make this world a better place for your growing children. 

Your mission is clear and you are destined for success in whatever your life’s purpose is. I’m telling you, living purposefully will definitely impact your life for the better. Remember I’ve told you before, everyone’s success is different. 

Lastly, can I just say how proud of you I am. Proud that your are doing a bomb job at conquering your journey to live purposefully. You are not allowing life or even fear stop you. You are impacting lives every day and being a shero to you children. Keep living Queen. 

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