I Graduated Today

Today I finally walked across the stage to
receive my Associate’s in Health Services Administration. It only took about 10 years to accomplish this one particular goal. It is a goal that was has been drug out for quite some time now and honestly I almost decided not to take that faithful stroll across that stage. Why do you ask? Well mainly because I was a little ashamed at how long it took me to finally finish. While most of my friends are either obtained their Master’s or working on receiving it; I on the other hand have yet to receive my Associate’s. To me this was not an accomplishment but a few steps ahead of failure. Not trying to down play all those others who received their Associate’s, I can only speak on me and my life; any who, I had a plan for my life (as I’ve mentioned before) and receiving this at this point was not part of my plan (to say the least).

But after giving it some thought, I realized that I HAVE to be proud of this accomplishment, no matter what. Lord knows what I have been through and encountered to get to this point so I can’t let what others are doing dictate where I am in my life. There are many who wouldn’t be able to walk a day in my size 6 1/2 shoes. I became a mother at a young age and despite hurdles and hard times I have overcame it all and continued to push through. I never laid my burdens on anyone else; some thought that having my son would forever hold me back in life. I learned so many life lessons and lost people along the way but I thank God for all of it. My best friend had flew in to share the special day with me so I couldn’t back out. But let me tell you that today I almost didn’t make it across the stage because everything did not go as planned. It was kind of my fault because I procrastinating and had planned to do everything the day of, bad idea. First of all, I hadn’t found my dress yet so we headed to the mall early this morning. At the 3rd store (Macy’s) I was able to finally find something, then after leaving the mall we had to make a few extra stops before going to the nail shop. Then I rushed home to wash my hair (I know I know…just dumb) I had a plan like I said. But I didn’t expect the time to tick so fast today. Any who, I washed my hair and put my perm rods in. After sitting under the dryer for what seemed like forever I was running late and had to get ready. Well all in all, my hair wasn’t completely dry so the curls fell, had to put my hair in a a low bun, finish my make up, get dressed, and RUSH out of the house. The number one thing I told myself before this day was that I did NOT want to rush and wanted everything to go as smooth as possible but procrastination took over.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Graduation is now over and I must say it was all worth it. To see how proud and happy my family was, I even got a little emotional. I have to remind myself that I have people out there who I actually inspire. You just never know who is really watching you and who is inspired by you. Knowing this inspired me to keep pushing and to pursue everything I was set out to. Walking across the stage isn’t just a casual walk for me. All in all, be proud of your accomplishments; no matter how big or small you have to relish in it. No one knows your story like you. At the ceremony there were so many other graduates who were just so happy and excited; they must have a story of their own. This is not the end for me for sure, I will keep pushing and accomplishing so much more and showing my son that the sky is the limit and the only person that stands in the way of your success is YOU.


  • D'Lambert

    It’s an accomplishment, don’t ever think it isn’t and don’t compare yourself to others, that’s a galaxy you never want to visit! Well done though!

  • Lily

    Congrats, GD! 👩🏽‍🎓 I know that brighter opportunities will come your way & you will achieve success in all of them with grace! Much love…!

  • Magdala C.

    Omg, congratulations Ms. G, I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration to many other girls out there, keep the faith alive and keep on going! The sky is the limit and in the name of GOD with hard work and determination everything you touch will turn into a gold. May GOD bless you and continue to bless you love.


    Magdala C.

  • Nadalie

    Congrats Geraldine! This is just the beginning of many more exciting accomplishments for you. I can go relate to hair not being 100% how you’d like it to be on grad day. I have a history of intending my hair to be a certain way on the day of and it not working out so well.

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