My Summertime Goals

Its finally summer! What a hot summer it will be. But summer time is the best time for the summertime glow, cookouts, beach days, vacations, and sundresses. If you are a mom like me then you have to wonder what the hell will you do to keep your little one(s) busy for the whole summer, and keeping your fridge stocked for those growing bones. South Florida is full of great activities to do and places to visit during the summer. I set myself up with some goals for my summer time though, goals that I need to follow through with.



  1. Summer Body: Yeahhhh while everyone was getting their bodies right for the summer I will be getting my body right during the summer. Luckily my goal is very attainable, I do workout but I get so busy with everything that I don’t go to the gym as often as I should so my goal is to create a schedule and stick to it so I can attend consistently during the week.
  2. Quality Time: I always look forward to the summer so I can spend quality time with my son. That little guy is my best friend and no matter what we are doing we always have a great time. You can have a great time without always spending lots of money. I usually have one vacation planned and lots of small activities and local trips that we embark on. Whether it being laying out by the pool, beach, going to the zoo, museum, visiting family, movies, bowling, or hiking at park. The list can go on and on.
  3. Live in the moment: My final goal is to live in the moment. I sometime get too critical of myself and let worry get in the way of me being me. I plan to create more “me time” and enjoy life and just go. No need to plan EVERYTHING out; I want to smile more, laugh more, and do things that make me happy.


What are your summer goals? Take out a notepad and jot down all your plans and try to cross something off of that list every week. Book that cheap flight, work on those abs (I’ll be working on mine), work in that tan, or create that signature drink for your summertime fun (I have mine).




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