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New Year, New You?

Its that time again….the time for the “New Year, New Me” posts. Can I insert an eye roll here?! We are all tired of these infamous posts of everyone talking about the new year and claiming to be a changed person over night, but we all know it only last maybe 2-3 months tops! Unfortunately, I was guilty of these posts back in the day when I didn’t know any better (no offense). Believe me, I am not knocking those who posts these things, might help them by saying it out loud. But, 2018 is not a “new year new me” type of year, rather a “new year, progressing me” or a “new year, better me”. Maybe I need to work on the wording a little. But my reasoning for writing this is to help you enter the new year, actually reach the goals you’ve set out for yourself, and be a better you in the new year.

My goals for the new year is to continue on this journey that I’ve been on; setting realistic goals. I believe that is the best piece of advice that I can provide going into a new year. Progression and growth is extremely attainable and achievable. Everything is about progression. Want to save more money in the new year? It would be impossible to do it overnight. Want to lose weight or just eat better? Gradually work towards your ultimate goal. I myself have been working towards going completely vegan; well I have been trying, but rather than just going cold turkey like I once tried, I am gradually cutting things out of my diet. Rome was not built in one day honey.

The best way to start the new year is to lay out a list of achievable goals (any goal is pretty achievable if you really want it) it to start with your main goal then write small goals to help you reach that ultimate goal. For example, want to buy a house in the new year? List the small necessary steps to get to that goal; working on your credit, paying off debt, saving money, and budgeting. I’m pretty old fashioned so I still believe in the term that your home is a reflection of your life. So if your home is disorganized then your life most likely is. Like many others, I like to clean my house house from top to bottom before the new year, this a mental thing but it helps me transition into the new year with a clear mind and I am able to focus on what I have put out into the universe for myself.

I don’t mean to ramble on and on but all in all I hope this new year will be good to you and you are able to accomplish everything your list. 2017 was a year filled with lessons learned and eye openers for me and great memories and accomplishments I am so proud of, I am definitely dancing into the new year not as a new me but as a continuance of this year and the road will get better and better. Don’t step into the new year with goals that will weigh you down and add too much pressure (a little pressure is always good), just remember to keep pushing no matter how many time you fall down.

New Year, New You? Nahh…New Year, Better You!


  • Lily Thomas

    I tried going vegan for six weeks, but failed miserably! Anyone who can pull it through, more power to them!! I cannot restrict myself to just one type of food…gotta have my meats!!! When it come to New Year’s resolutions, there are so many reasons why people cannot stick to them, from setting too many unrealistic expectations to shooting for the moon!! I really believe as long as you set small, incremental lifestyle changes, you have a much better chance at creating real important life changes.

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