Rediscovering You

Rediscovering You: Managing Work-Life Balance

Working as a Life Coach isn’t always as easy as one may think. I mean your technically coaching someone through life. The ups and the downs. One misconception that many have is that a Life Coach is a therapist. No we are not. We are not licensed. But our job is just as important. I am there to help you through what it is that you’re struggling with. Helping you accomplish goals and holding you accountable. We focus on rediscovering you, the real you. Its so easy to lose yourself while trying work-life balance.The you that you have buried underneath everything that life has piled on top of it.

Rediscovering You

Why did I become a Life Coach?
Well this one is easy. I love to help. I love lending an ear, shoulder, and my two cents. I’ve encountered so many of life’s lessons, learned, conquered, and still conquering so much. I cant even put into words the growth I have experienced.
There was a time I felt lost on my journey but once I made it to the other side I figured out exactly who I am and why God placed this purpose on my heart. My goal is to now help other struggling women like you with the tools to rediscovering you.

About 90% of my fellow mommies are lost in motherhood, lost in being the wife/girlfriend, lost in other people’s world and don’t remember how to live in their own world; their skin.
I use the exact techniques I’ve used to discover “me” again to help you. I am no longer the robot that I once was, living in someone else’s world.

I’m a mom who coaches moms, which is my passion. I help you combat fear, set actionable goals and crush them, put you first without feeling guilty, and practice self care. I’m there to help you through the feeling of failure and walk with you on your journey.

Some may think that this isn’t important but let me tell you that it is VITAL. Living an unfulfilling life can wear you down. You may not feel it now but trust me you will. I know the feeling of being invested so much in your children but let me tell you a secret….they wont be children forever. Once they get older and have their own lives then what?? You have to discover you…you have to have a life too sis!

I help you rediscover your inner essence. Make the time you need to stay sane, to enjoy your hobbies, practice self-care, manage work-life balance, and live purposefully. There is no other way than to lead a life of happiness, not just being happy for others but to truly be happy in your core. Now is the time to put YOU first. Starting your journey to living purposefully is a priority that needs to be added to the top of your list. I provide with helpful tips on how to live purposefully here.

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