My Top 5 Weekend Must-Dos

If your a mommy like me even a working woman then your weekends are always filled with lots to do and lots to catch on. I have put together a little list of what weekends look like for me and for many of you.

  1. Never Sleep In!

I look forward to sleeping in every weekend but I must say that it rarely happens. I try to make every minute of everyday count so I am usually up in the mornings early cooking breakfast, leaving to run errands, or shopping for groceries and household necessities. Sometimes I wake up and just lay in bed writing; or reading a good book or article or a few bible verses.

2. Cleaning and Doing Laundry

I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to cleaning and doing my laundry. I clean little by little throughout the week but I go overboard on weekends; sweeping, mopping, dusting, and making sure my kitchen and bathrooms are spotless! I believe that keeping a clean house helps keep a positive energy flowing in the house. I usually cook a big meal on Sundays but sometimes do it on Saturday instead.

3. Making Time for Family and Friends

Friday nights are usually family movie night in my house. It is something that my son absolutely loves and I must admit I love it too. Within my busy weekend I try to plan an outing with my son,  busy helping my mother with something, and making time for my girlfriends for some girl time.

4. Work Out

I try to make it to the gym as many times as I can during the week but if I can I enjoy working out on a Saturday morning. It helps me clear my mind and gives me energy to make it through the day. I love the feeling I get after a good workout.

5. Relax

With my jam packed weekends, I try yo make time to relax. That consists of a glass of wine, fuzzy socks, PJs, and a good movie catching up on shows, or an interesting book. My relaxing time helps me stay sane.

I believe that every moment should be as productive as possible. Although my weekends are jam packed I do get so much done to assist in keeping that positive energy consistently flowing through.

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