As I Am Twist Defining Cream Review

Happy May beautiful souls! I’ve been wanting to try out some new products on my hair, this past weekend I bought a few of the As I Am products. I was in a rush so I only picked up the Curl Clarity Shampoo and the Twist Defining Cream because I have been hearing good things about them. On Saturday I decided to deep condition before my shampoo, I don’t do this often but once in a while I do. I used the Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil deep conditioner and also added oil so my scalp and ends. I covered with a plastic cap and left it in for about 30 minutes. I then proceeded to rinse it out in cool water and shampoo. I shampoo twice (I didn’t add conditioner again) and made sure I rinsed my hair thoroughly. I must say that the shampoo smelled so nice, containing coconut, alma, (which is an antioxidant filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that promotes healthy hair) and tangerine (which strengthens hair). Once I was finished I dried with a t-shirt not a towel to help avoid frizziness.

I didn’t want to add much leave in because I wanted to see how the twisting cream worked with my hair. Again, I always use my green tea reconstructor spray on my sectioned hair and of course oil. I then proceeded to fall twist my hair, applying the cream on each section I’m twisting. The cream is of a thick consistency; it contains a boat load of great ingredients including sunflower oil, castor oil, amla, and sugar beet root (which assists in retaining moisture). I did four flat twists in the back and four in the front and allowed my hair to dry for the day. The next day I took the twists out to style and I must say that my curls were absolutely gorgeous, defined and super soft! After spending the day out in the Florida heat and humidity I was disappointed when my curls  started to frizz and wasn’t as defined. I have always had a problem with finding the right product to tame my frizz. So all in all I would definitely recommend this product and I will def use it again maybe this time coupling it with one of their other products (gel or or curling jelly) for a better hold. I posted my results on my Instagram story; I am slowing transitioning to video blogs so please bear with me 🙂

I am committing to trying one product a week for the whole month of May…Please let me know if there I a product that you would like me to review!

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  • Magdala C.

    A Vlog would be great! Thank you so much for the review. I’ve been so lazy with my hair yet it has gotten pretty long. I would love to see a review on a product called Amertil. It’s a great product for my hair, I usually add it after I wash my hair and my cousin just ordered it not too long ago and she LOVES it. If you google AMERTIL SEED OF LIFE you’ll be able to pull it up.

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