What I Discovered About Myself During Quarantine

What I Discovered About Myself During Quarantine

What I Discovered About Myself During Quarantine

How are you holding up during quarantine? Although many states are opened back up, including Florida where I am, but there are many states that are still on lock down. How did you spend your time of quarantine? If you are like most of the world then you probably took this time to catch up on rest and get that summer body all the way together. I must say, it has been very nice to see how this time has brought so many people together. This unfortunate time has forces so many people to stop and just smell the roses a little bit. Life can get so busy that we don’t make time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. What did you discover about yourself? Lets get into what I discovered about myself during quarantine.

I’m a homebody at heart so this time was almost like heaven to me. I did of course have my moments where I wanted to get but for the most part I enjoyed every moment at home spending much needed time at home with my children. I focused on my mental health, my writing, and got so much done around the house. Seeing so many other people really take the time to focus on themselves is so amazing. I really took this time to really dive in deeper into my personal development process and follow each step of it. I even released an eBook to help you have a better understanding for your personal development. Read all about it here

What I discovered about myself is that I can do anything I put my mind to! I say that because I tend to get discouraged at times when it comes to balancing everything and accomplishing some of the things that I really want to bring into fruition. During the time of quarantine I really focused on getting to great place mentally and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, that is always my goal but having the whole world slow down definitely helped make it happen sooner. I spent more time self reflecting, journaling, and building my confidence when it comes to conquering my goals. On top of that I have been saving so much money from not being able to shop!

In closing, I truly hope that you have been one of the ones taking the time to work on yourself and spending quality time with your family. After all of this is over, I do plan to stick to some of the ways that have been adopted during this time. One being making sure that family time is a priority and making myself a priority. Continuing to make time focusing on things that will make me a better person. If you haven’t taken advantage, don’t worry. It is never too late to focus on you and those who are important to you. Make time to focus on the goals that you want to accomplish without allowing fear to hold you back. This year has been a roller coaster but I am thankful for the time that I spent refocusing and rediscovering myself. To help you rediscover yourself you can read Rediscovering You.

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